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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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I have always wanted to design my own house. I dreamed of living near the shore where I can indulge in the beauty of the sunset. I have pictured it in my mind, but these houses have made me ponder on my decisions.

The Blue Upside Down House

Okay, I know that I always keep my friends at lost with what I have in mind, but honestly speaking; I don’t think I don’t want to live in a house like this. I love the color blue but it is simply not too cool for me. I wonder how the interior looked like?

Blue Upside Down House

The Stone Age House

It looks cool but to hard for me. I am intrigued with how the architect managed to put this together. I applaud his ingenuity but simply not my type.

The Stone Age House
The gods must be crazy house

I know that I loose my wits at time, but not too the point of letting everyone know how crazy I am. The house is scary that it does not appeal to me. I wonder why the owner even decided to spend money on something like this.

the gods must be crazy house ( I think they were)
The Wooden Solar House

I love the idea of leaving in a solar system integrated house. It is earth friendly, but the organic shape does not appeal to my sense of style. I would just clap my hands for the initiative of incorporating earth friendly ways of saving on electricity.

wooden solar house

House of the Next Millennium

It looks pleasing. I would consider living in one, but I think it is still too modern for me. I think I still need to pass on this one.

House of the next millenium

The Computer Mouse House

The owner of this house may have loved his computer mouse that much. I do appreciate the value of my mouse, but to actually consider living inside one is too much for me to handle.

The Computer House Mouse
The Lantern House

I love the location where this house is built, but it looks too bright for me. Maybe I am on the dim side.

The Lantern House
The Shell House

I love eating mollusks. I adore the beauty of its shell, but I do not want to be associated with a house that looks like it. I may end being considered a mermaid.

The Shell House

The Bubble House

It is earth friendly, but it is only ideal for holiday breaks. I don’t think it would suffice my wants for a spacious room.

Bubble House
My Possible Dream Houses

I would want it to be simple. I just wish to enjoy the sea and the sunset. Nothing too luxurious. I want to smell the sea. So I guess it could be any of these:

I love two story houses because it gives me a better view from above.
A little bigger with more modern accommodation inside and it will be perfect.

This could serve as my terrace

My bedroom of choice

Outdoor Living Room Where I would Accept Guests and Read  My Favorite Book

This Indoor Living Room

The Minimalist Kitchen

The Dining Area ( without the Christmas Tree)

The Bathroom

I am so happy it is free to dream. At least I can hold on to these features on my mind. How about you, what is your dream house?


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